Book of Ra Deluxe Game Rules

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The Book of Ra Deluxe game rules have been made as simple as possible so that players can easily pick up the game and enjoy a thrilling casino title from the comfort of their own home. These rules have also included enough challenging extras and bonuses to keep even the most advanced casino game player happy. The game consists of five reels and ten win lines which means that the player has to make a choice of how many win lines they would like to play with and how much stake they want to risk. The overall aim of the game in the Book of Ra Deluxe is to line up as many of the same symbols from the left to the right as possible to create a winning line. This means that each and every different symbol pays a different amount which can be seen in the pay table that can be found at the bottom right of the page. The pay table opens in a new and easy to read page which shows every different symbol and what that symbol pays.

How to play Book of Ra

The game rules alse state that the player is given the option to use the auto spin button which involves the player being given the opportunity to automatically spin the reels. The auto spin button when pressed gives numerous automatic spins and is only stopped when the player again presses the button. A player is being given the option to change their stake up and down from the ‘stake + and – button’ at the bottom of the screen. The first of the bonus features is the substitute bonus and it has certain rules surrounding its use. These rules are that the substitute bonus is represented by the book symbol and it has the ability to swap with any other symbol on the board to help create a winning line combination. The book symbol has the power to swap with any other symbol on the board making it a very useful and powerful bonus to spin in on the reels. There are no restrictions over how many times this bonus can be used making it one of the best bonuses in the game.

Bonus Features

There is a very interesting and lucrative second bonus feature in the game. This second bonus feature is called the scatter bonus feature and is represented by the Book of Ra symbol. According to the rules, the player must spin in at least three of these symbols on the screen at any one time. At least three of these special symbols showing on the screen triggers the bonus feature which is ten free bonus spins. This bonus feature is sounded by a special sound effect and some special graphic features are displayed which looks fantastic. These bonus spins can result in some excellent additional winnings to the prize fund. In additional to this bonus it also means that the player can win an extra random bonus during these bonus spins. This extra bonus means that during the spins the reels can randomly expand meaning that the winnings are increased for the player. This is an excellent bonus feature in the game and players will really enjoy the extra expanding reel bonus that can really significantly increase their prize fund.

Gamble Bonus Feature

The game features a third and very risky bonus feature that should only be used by the bravest of players. The bonus feature is called the gamble bonus where players have the option to make a fifty / fifty chance bet to double or lose their prize fund. The bonus can be activated at any time during the game and involves a player choosing to press the gamble button at the bottom right of the page. This then opens a new screen and the player is shown a deck of cards and is given the choice of what colour the next card will be. The player is shown what the last five cards drawn from the deck of cards were. This display however is irrelevant as the bet is still a chance fifty / fifty one where the player stands an even chance of making the right choice. The Book of Ra Deluxe game states the right choice for the player results in them doubling their winnings and the wrong choice means that the player will lose everything.

The format of the slot game being a ten win line and five reel slot game means that the player has a good amount of choice when selecting their stake amount. This will appeal to both the players who are new to casino slot games and the more advanced players. Book of Ra Deluxe has no limits to what level of experience players have to have to play the casino slot. There are no limits of how many times a particular bonus feature can be activated and how much that bonus feature will pay. Three bonuses in the game can be won numerous times in the same playing session meaning the game can be incredibly lucrative for a player. The Book of Ra Deluxe game rules have been designed to make the game as exciting as possible for players making the slot game both very lucrative and enjoyable for players. This is important as the biggest desire for casino slot game players is that the game offers them the chance to win big prizes and keeps them on the edge of their seats.